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The hardest thing to do is to fall out of love. // Tuesday, May 22, 2012
12:44 AM

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I don't ask for much in life. I just want a guy, that loves me the same way i love him.

I want a guy who knows how torturing how periods can be, and go through it with me. He will hug me very tightly when my cramps hurt so bad that i can't even walk. I want a guy that tells me how much he loves me every ten seconds and loves me just the way i am. And he will tell me 'Hey, darling. I hate to go on a streets with you because i'm afraid i might lose you as all the guys keep staring at you.' He knows that he is not the only guy that wants me, that needs me. He is thankful for having me, he doesn't take my for granted. Isn't it suppose to be like that?

When a guys starts taking a relationship for granted, isn't it disasters? No more sweet and cute messages. No more funny and silly arguments. No more surprises, small little gifts. Anniversaries. No more nothing. This is really bad right? But hey, this is life. How many wonderful guys are there in this world? Not many, and what makes you so sure that you'll get that one in a million guy? If girls ain't sure at all, why fall so hard for that guy? We girls, can't even answer that question.

You know this is funny. We all know how love hurts, all the heartbreaking moments. All those times where you can really feel a knife stabbing your heart. All those lies you've heard, yet you still fall for it over and over again. All those 'i will change' and 'give me one more chance' scenarios. Is this what love is really all about? Misery? Pain? Never-ending tears? Really? This is how harsh reality is? We don't have an answer, but we will never fall out of love.. We'll never get bored of it..

Some may be really lucky, they do have a guy who tells you 'i love you' every night. Bring popcorns and snacks and come to your house for a movie marathons on the days when you're really down, and he is all you need. Guys that text you every morning to give you a reason to start a brand new day. Who gives you small surprises on the smallest anniversary you can ever think of, like 'the-first-time-we-talked-to-each-other' anniversary. Giving cards just for fun. Girls will never feel insecure in relationships like that. Really lucky.

I don't think my post is getting anywhere in life. No start, no end. I don't know. An ideal guy is really hard to describe. I don't wanna elaborate so much if not i will have a ten pages long 'ideal guy' post. And i'll seem really picky on guys. But nooooooo, i ain't like that okay. I go along with a lot of guys, but none of them just gives me the 'this-is-the-one' feeling. I don't know. Maybe it isn't time yet. Hmm.. Till here then. See you around lovelies.